Traduction anglaise.

Description :
it’s a world-wide system which allows the transmission of navigational and meteorological warnings, and urgent information through coastal stations. Transmissions take place on 518 kHz or 490 kHZ in AMTOR FEC mode with special specificities of the message.

The user will set his receiver on USB at 517 or 489 khz. The transmissions are done at fixed time, for example for NITON (GB): 7h00 and 19h00 UTC on 518 khz in English, 5h20 and 17h20 on 490 kHz in English, 7h10 and 19h10 on 490 kHz in French.

The character set  of SITOR A and SITOR B/AMTOR FEC is the same of the one used for RTTY.
On SITOR A, the reception of the "un-perforated tape" is used by Russians ships to pass in traffic on Cyrillic. In that case, MULTIPSK passes to "letters".
The character set of AMTOR ARQ is an extended character set which allows the transmission of ASCII characters (32 to 128) thanks to the use of the "un-perforated tape".

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